Club Etiquette

Dress Code

Dress code at the VA is very important. All guests are expected to dress smartly and appropriately. Trainers, ripped jeans and the like are not acceptable. We expect members to dress down into lingerie, towels or naked within the play areas and hot tub.

Play Room Etiquette

We ask that glass isn’t taken into any of the play areas for everyone’s safety. Plastic glasses are provided in order for you to take drinks into the play areas. There is never any expectations or any pressure to involve other people in your play. We ask all members to respect other members privacy and do not be offended if others want to remain alone. We politely ask that all guests remember that no means no and a polite no, never offends.

Hotel &Club Etiquette

You’re welcome to run bar tabs, please remember to pay your tab before leaving the club or retiring to the hotel. If you do retire without paying your bar tab, we will deduct it from the card registered for the room.
There is a smoking area provided, smoking within the club and hotel is strictly prohibited.
Damages to the hotel rooms will be charged as displayed on the notices within the rooms. Guests hotel rooms are strictly private and we ask you do not approach other guests at their rooms, unless invited.

For Your Safety

The Vanilla Alternative operates a strict no drugs policy. Anyone caught with any substance will be immediately removed from the club and will not be welcomed back.
Alcohol. You are not permitted to bring your own alcohol into a licensed venue by law. This applies to the club also.
Digital devices & photography. Mobile phones and any form of recording device is strictly prohibited. We will confiscate any device. This is to protect everyone’s privacy.
The VA is fully complaint with The Data Protection Act and we respect our members privacy.

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